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      Ice fishing in the bitter cold Regardless of the weather, you’ll see these ice fishers out.                   Source http://wzzm13.com/news/ice-fishing-in-the-bitter-cold/505262373

I’m twisting my thumb and forefinger around a strand of waxed beige thread, lacing a tuft of bunny fur into the fiber. The thread hangs from the curved shank of a fishhook. As soon as the fur is in location, I wrap the string six times around the shank, and it starts to look like […]

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Lindsay Regali of Charlottesville captured a record-breaking arctic char in Dillon Tank. (Offered by Colorado Parks and Wildlife) Dillon Tank, a 3,000 acre storage reservoir, is owned and run by the Denver Water Board. Located nearby to I-70 near Dillon, it is among the most accessible mountain tanks in the state.Lake Dillon was formed when […]

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The Fact About Fly Fishing Lessons And Fly Fishing Tools In this short article I’m going to reveal some tricks about both fly fishing lessons and fly fishing tools. Fly fishing is a special sport in both the reality that you can make some of your own devices which it is a sport that no […]

When I consider fishing, I think about relaxation: relaxing someplace stunning in the sun, watching the glittering water, awaiting fish to bite. Undoubtedly all my real-life fishing experiences occurred in the rain-drenched Highlands of Scotland and were definitely horrendous, but computer game are about escapism. I hadn’t check out much about Beast of the Deep, […]